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Traveling vegans October 26, 2010

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I have a lot of lovely friends who send me all manner of things vegan! A friend just sent me a link to Vegan Backpacker, a great blog written by two vegan explorers, John and Jill, who are “eating their way around the world” as we speak! Their blog is aimed at providing tips (and pics!) to other vegan explorers.

One of their featured articles, Five Tips for Vegan Travel, has some great advice, much of which I would also say is relevant to general everyday living.

I love their suggestion to avoid asking the staff in regular restaurants and cafes etc for the “vegan” options because most people don’t know what vegan means. Instead it’s better to ask if they can customise an almost-vegan menu item by removing or replacing the cheese in a pizza, for example. I sometimes forget that others don’t know what vegan means and so I’m not 100% sure that I don’t do this at some places… Must be more mindful from now on!

I happen to be traveling at the moment, albeit briefly compared to Jill and John’s year-long trek! I had a yummy pizza at the hotel I’m staying at. Loads of tomato paste, cherry tomatoes, olives, artichokes and fresh basil on a crusty base. The staff were happy to make it cheese-free.

veganised vegetarian pizza

The other day a Brisbane buddy took me to Fundamental Food Store, an organic and vegan-friendly in Byron Bay. I had a delicious Aztec bake made of eggplant, onions and various other veg on a polenta base. We were so hungry when we got there that I pretty much inhaled my meal, forgetting to take a photo of it.  I also had an LSD – dandelion soy latte. Yum!


John and Jill also recommended the Vegan Passport, which I will definitely check out for my next o/s trip! Adelaide folk may be able to pick one up at Bliss Organic Cafe (there was only one left last time I looked!). It’s currently sold out from the Vegan Perfection online store. I’ve not actually read the Vegan Passport and some others e.g.  Lisa Dempster, takes issue with the content of the text. I’m really curious as to why so I asked her and this is her response:

My issue with the vegan passport is that instead of simply stating ‘I don’t eat: fish, meat, eggs, dairy, etc etc’ it has a long piece of text about why vegan – i.e. citing animal rights and environmental reasons. I think sticking to the facts make it less confusing and also when ordering food is not necessarily the right context to introduce the concepts of veganism to someone…

Makes sense to me, especially if the kitchen is very busy. I would probably still get it and then highlight the relevant sections. I would have to see it first though to make the decision.

Anyone else had any positive or negative Vegan Passport or traveling experiences?


6 Responses to “Traveling vegans”

  1. Oh wow!
    I’m planning a trip to Byron bay in February, be sure to put up a post about all the vegan places you go to! :)

    • Lil Says:

      Cool! I only had a very brief stop in Byron and at the beach a few kms out of Byron so I don’t think I can help you out much with that although Fundamental Food Store might be a good place to start. It might have to be you who sniffs ’em all out!

  2. Hey thanks for checking out our website. It looks like you’re making out very well and have found some delicious vegan fare. I laughed when I read about you inhaling your Aztec bake without taking a picture. I’ve done that once or twice too … Oops! :)

    Let me know if you’d like to write a guest post on our site about your travels.

    Have a safe and happy journey!


    • Lil Says:

      Hi Jill, thanks for writing your website! Yeah, I’m a happy vegan and reckon I have a more interesting and varied diet than if I’d never turned vegan. I’m glad my experience made you laugh :-). I’d love to write a guest post, thanks!
      Happy travels to you too! :-)

  3. Jill Says:

    Hey Lil,
    Send me a msg so we can talk about the guest post. veganbackpacker at gmail dot commmmm.

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