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Complete protein – complete B.S. October 16, 2010

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So, I’ve been checking out Elephant Journal (for some reason I keep typing “Elephone”) and there are a few good little articles relating to veganism.

Complete Protein? Complete Nonsense by Angela Raines poops all over that pesky protein myth that we all now know is wrong and yet still find ourselves regularly having to explain or justify our position to others who are worried that we’ll shrivel up and die if we don’t get enough. Through her own experience following a raw vegan diet, Angela also busts the myths that we need shitloads of protein daily or that we need to painstakingly combine proteins to make sure we get all of the necessary amino acids at each meal.

I like it that she pops out these little pellets of wisdom (okay, enough of the poo references!):

Plant-based diets contain plenty of protein.

A varied vegan diet contains plenty of all the amino acids.

Our bodies store amino acids, so even if you don’t get all eight essential amino acids in one meal, it’s ok!!

The way we obsess about protein in this country, you’d think protein deficiency would be an epidemic. It’s not. In fact, excessive protein consumption is a far bigger concern in developed countries.

I love this quote too:

The fact that you eat food does not make you a nutrition expert any more than driving a car makes you a mechanic.

Ba ha ha ha ha!

The only thing that I wish she didn’t write is:

It’s quite possible that including some animal products in your diet might be best for you.

You can tell I don’t like it because I made it very faint and crossed it out. Angela made the point that whatever the “source” of protein, it really only boils down to making sure we get the necessary building blocks (which are the same for our bodies regardless of where they come from) and this applies to any vitamin, mineral or whatever else we need. I understand she’s saying it to strengthen her argument that animals are not a necessary source of protein, but I would have preferred if she kept the idea that you can get everything you need from non-animal sources running right through to the end of the article.

Apart from that though, a great article which finishes with a nice little wish that all beings be loved and well-fed, and some links to some useful protein resources.

As is said on Edgar’s Mission, if we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?

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